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The Fiction of Fact Finding: Manoj Mitta on 2002 and 1984

Manoj Mitta is a senior journalist with the Times of India who has been tracking human rights and legal issues for over 25 years. He is on the advisory board of Amnesty International India, director of Foundation for Media Professionals and patron of Campaign of Judicial Accountability and Judicial Reforms, a civil society watchdog.

Manoj Mitta’s new book "The Fiction of Fact Finding" addresses a range of unasked questions, which helped then Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi procure a clean chit in the carnage of Godhra.  Mr. Mitta presented his book and views, not only on the 2002 riot, but also the 1984 riot. He said both the national parties have a lot to answer for. 

A recent review says: Mitta’s riveting account shows how terribly flawed the investigative processes were. How the entire effort seemed to have been focussed in making the lower level officials take the fall and shield Modi. Manoj Mitta’s book reminds us once again that court acquittals are not always the last word and questioning them – especially in the face of such huge contrary evidence – is only the right thing to do. And before the BJP and their allies accuse Mitta of whitewashing the 1984 riots and being a Congress agent, they should check out his previous book which took the Congress to task for its role in that episode of violence.”