India and the United States of America, the world’s largest and oldest democracies share a partnership that transcends economic, geo-strategic and military interests. It is a relationship that has been powered by the strong people to people contact fostered over years. Going forward, this relationship will only become more important. It is our firm belief at The Georgetown-India Dialogue that strengthening this relationship by creating more awareness and broadening the India dialogue at Georgetown and Washington DC is imperative.

The Georgetown-India Dialogue is a student-led initiative which will bring politicians, diplomats, business leaders, policy experts, social entrepreneurs and other professionals to Georgetown to engage in a conversation about the challenges and opportunities India faces and presents going forward.

The Team

GID Executive Board

President: Jeh Tirodkar (SFS' 16) 

Vice President: Yash Johri (SFS' 17) 

Nandini Mullaji (SFS' 17) 

Isha Gulati (SFS' 16)

Abhinav Tyagarajan (Alum, SFS' 15)


Administrative Board

Outreach: Rishab Kohli (SFS’19) and Naomi Kasbekar (SFS’ 19)

Social Media: Anya Bhardwaj (Col’19)

Event Logistics: Gayatri Ohri (MSB’19)

Research & Web-Assistance: Gaurav Premnath (COL’19)

The Georgetown-India Dialogue Founding Team with Mr.Jairam Ramesh

The Georgetown-India Dialogue Founding Team with Mr.Jairam Ramesh